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Charlie and Violet Harding's Scrapbook

This scrapbook belonged to Charlie and Violet Harding and contains the prizes won for Horticulture in the 1950s. They lived in the Studgroom's cottage at Stetchworth Park. It was passed to Lily Whymer by Violet's nephew, Ian Bailey of Burwell

Charlie and Violet Harding's scrapbook

Violet was born Violet Pearson. Her sister, Edith Gladys Ann Pearson had a son Ian, and it is Ian who donated the scrapbook to Stetchworth Community Archive.

Charlie and Violet Harding's scrapbook

This was donated by Ian Harding. He often used to come and stay with Uncle Charlie and Auntie Violet. When they died Ian inherited the scrapbook. They were very successful entrants in local village shows.

Scrapbook 2

Ordnance Survey Map showing the South end of Stetchworth High Street. The school is shown without the infant wing which was added in in 1897 funded by the Earl of Ellesmere. 1885


Stetchworth Land Value Tax Map, 1910.


Programme for the 25th Anniversary Weekend Celebration of the Ellesmere Centre, Stetchworth.


Stetchworth Junior Drama Group. Programme for Open Evening at Bottisham Village College for "The Ring", an original story dramatised by the group.


Letter from Margaret Coville (daughter of Earl of Ellesmere) whilst on honeymoon to Mr and Mrs Aaron Ginn (Stetchworth) for their wedding present.


Mr and Mrs Aaron Ginn's invitation for Lady Margaret and John Colville's wedding lunch. Stetchworth Estate workers were invited .


Stetchworth Sales document, including Rose Villa now called Rose Lodge. 1875.


Stetchworth Sales details of commercial and private properties. 1919.


Stetchworth Sales Map including Rose Villa in Tea Kettle Lane. 1875.


Book Prize presented to Harry Woollard "Winning an Empire or The Story of Clive" by Grace Stebbing. 179 children attended the school at this time. 1904.


Stetchworth Roll of Honour World War 1 and 2.


Stetchworth Roll of Honour World War 1 and 2.


Stetchworth Roll of Honour World War 1 and 2.


Stetchworth Roll of Honour World War 1 and 2.


Title page of book of old photos collected by Ted Gardner which is source of many of the photos in the Stetchworth Community Archives.


Kelly's Directory for Cambridgeshire, Stetchworth entry, 1900. Courtesy: Cambridgeshire Collection.


Kelly's Directory for Cambridgeshire, Stetchworth entry, 1847.


Kelly's directory for Cambridgeshire, Stetchworth entry, 1922.


Kelly's Directory for Cambridgshire, Stetchworth entry, 1875. Courtesy: Cambridgeshire Collection.

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